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  • Inspect thoroughly for stains, wear, age and oxidation. Use a Spectra Light to help identify currently invisible stains. Test the beads and trim for serviceability. Tighten or replace beading and repair as needed.
  • Hand clean using gentle proprietary soaking procedures.
  • Rinse in a virgin solvent for a brief period to remove all cleaning agents
  • Anti-sugar treatment prevents latent caramelized stains.
  • Inspect thoroughly for stains and latent sugars.
  • Post cleaning stain removal if needed.
  • Hand finish the gown with extreme care to respect the designer's lines and drape.
  • Customer Inspection of the gown prior to boxing, if desired.
  • Package in a clean room in an archival-quality acid-free box with acid-free tissue and an unbleached cotton muslin liner.